Poll: American people shift to GOP ahead of election

Is anyone really surprised here?

Originally from Breitbart:

Although you wouldn’t know it from the lack of media coverage, or even the AP's own write-up of the poll (which gives new meaning to the phrase "buried lead"), a new Associated Press-GfK poll offers nothing but harrowing news for Democrats and the media who love them.

Buried in the "pox on both houses" rhetoric we're hearing from the media, what you will find in a little place I like to call Reality are the actual numbers, which show consequential movement towards the GOP on almost every issue voters are most concerned with.  

On the question of who voters would rather see win control of Congress, since May, Democrats have lost a 6 point 31-37% advantage. Both parties are now tied at 33% -- a full 6 point shift towards the GOP in just 6 weeks..

Since May, on the issue of handling the economy, the public has moved 4 points towards the GOP: a 25-27% advantage has now grown to 30-24%. On the federal budget, the GOP is up a full 5 points, 28-23%. On healthcare, the GOP has cut the Democrats advantage from 8 to just 5 points, 27-32%.

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