Ben Carson says it's "reasonably good" he'll run for president in 2016

Al Weaver -- The Daily Caller 

Dr. Ben Carson told radio host Hugh Hewitt Monday night that the odds of seeing him on the presidential trail next year as a candidate for the GOP nomination are “reasonably good” and that he will make a decision to run no later than next May:

Hugh Hewitt: “So I know you like debating, so the question arises: will we be seeing you on the presidential debate circuit next year that will begin, that the Republicans are organizing for those who want the nomination of the party.”

Dr. Ben Carson: “I think the chances are reasonably good of that happening. I’m waiting obviously for a few more months. I want to make sure that it’s clearly something my fellow Americans want me to do and I’m also waiting to see what the results are in November because if the people indicate that they truly do want a nation that is for of and by the people, then I, and along with I hope many other people, be willing to give it everything we possibly have.”

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