House GOP plan to defund Obama's executive action on immigration

David Inserra ---- The Daily Signal 

Last week, the House released its bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security through the end of September as well as several amendments to that seek to defund President Obama’s  executive actions on immigration. There are several important questions that Congress and the American people should understand before Congress votes on this issue.

What is this funding bill?

The underlying bill here is the homeland security appropriations bill, the only appropriations bill not included in December’s so called “Cromnibus.” The bill, which funds each part of DHS, differs only slightly from prior years’ appropriation bills, which means there are good and bad policies within the bill. For example, the bill rightly provides slight increases for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Coast Guard operations, but fails to reform FEMA disaster funding or the DHS grant system.

While current funding for DHS extends through Feb. 27, this early house effort looks to deal with the issue of Obama’s immigration actions before the deadline nears. Once passed, it would fund DHS through the end of fiscal year 2015 or Sept.30.

What are the amendments and what do they do?

The House also released five amendments to the appropriations bill last week that seek to confront the president on his immigration policies. Two of these amendments are central to the effort.

The first of these two is Republican Rep.  Robert  Aderholt’s amendment that declares that no funding, whether they come from immigration fees or appropriations, may be used to carry out a whole host of President Obama’s immigration policies. Specifically, the amendment would prevent funding from being used to carry out:

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