15 policy decisions we'd like the 114th Congress to accomplish

Genevieve Wood  ---- The Daily Signal 

Why isn’t John Boehner coasting to victory in the race for speaker of the House?

Your responses to my question last week asking what campaign promises you most wanted the new Congress to fulfill were very telling. What many conservatives want they fear they are not going to get.

Far many more of you responded than I can include here (some of you sent bullet points, others page-long emails) but the comments and excerpts below are a good representation of what the majority who emailed and tweeted me expressed.

Top recommendations had to do with repealing Obamacare and checkmating the president’s executive actions related to amnesty.

But let’s begin with my favorite from Paul in California. All elected officials should know that there are hundreds of thousands of people across the country just like him.

1) “Because I remember campaign promises not kept, I monthly support Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action to help make sure they are not forgotten. Go Heritage!” —Paul

2) “My fear is that the people who … now have the power to do something will cave in. There are already indications of that happening. Other major issues I would like to see addressed … curtail deficit spending and reduce the size of the government.” —Larry

3) “Cancel Obamacare and start over.” —Harold

4) “Lower my taxes. I am dying out here with excessive taxation.” —Richard

5) “Stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions! Secure our borders!” —Kary

6) “Start prosecuting and throwing in jail the people behind Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and the IRS scandals.” —Darla

7) “We need a speaker of the House who will stand up for the people, then something might change. Right now the establishment and [Karl] Rove are standing in the way. Last chance for the RINOs.” —Carole

8) “I think the most important campaign promise would kill two birds with one stone—secure the borders first!” —Cory

9) “Pass a balanced budget. We cannot keep borrowing from the bank of China (Obama’s campaign promise), to pay for government spending. … The Environmental Protection Agency needs to either be eliminated or severely cut back. … Approve Keystone and start drilling again in this country.” —Mark

10) “Block Common Core.” —Janet

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