The government might shut down over this

Amanda Sakuma-- msnbc

Members of Congress are inching dangerously close to the deadline for when funding for the Department of Homeland Security is slated to run dry, setting up a showdown over President Obama’s executive actions on immigration just days before enrollment for the measures begins.

Lawmakers have until Feb. 27 to come up with a funding plan and avert shutting down the critical government agency. But with few days left on the legislative calendar for lawmakers to act, the impasse in Congress is raising concerns they will blow past the deadline.

Top House Democrats gathered on the steps of Capitol Hill Friday morning to press congressional Republicans to drop their efforts to undermine the president’s executive actions by tying toxic amendments to the DHS spending bill.

“Four days left: The clock is ticking,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said.

Congressional Republicans, angered with the president’s unilateral actions, have tried repeatedly to block the measures. Though the Republican-led House passed a bill last month to fund the DHS on the condition of gutting Obama’s immigration actions, those efforts were stalled in the Senate thanks to a Democratic filibuster. With the DHS deadline looming, Democrats are continuing to call for a clean bill that funds the agency throughout the year, and not a temporary stop-gap that would only set up another confrontation down the road.

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