Colorado's AG Cynthia Coffman says the marijuana lawsuit could be chaos

Gary Harmon-- The Daily Sentinel

The Nebraska and Oklahoma lawsuit that asks the U.S. Supreme court to gut Colorado’s new recreational marijuana law misses the point and could have dire consequences for all three states, Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said.

If the U.S. Supreme Court sides with the two states that border Colorado, the decision would take away the regulatory framework that Colorado has built, but leave the legalization vote intact, Coffman said.

“I don’t see anything but chaos on the other end of that decision,” Coffman said at the Club 20 spring meeting on Saturday at Colorado Mesa University.

Coffman conceded that the bordering states have had to deal with people leaving Colorado with marijuana that is illegal within their borders, but which was legally obtained in Colorado.

Colorado authorities are working to keep marijuana within the state, Coffman said, noting the arrests last week of a drug ring that was sending marijuana out of state and hauling in millions of dollars.

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