Focus on the Family President comments on today's Supreme Court case

Jim Daly-- Daily Focus

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly was at the Supreme Court today listening to oral arguments on the historic marriage case, Obergefell v. Hodges.
“Sadly, civil discourse in America has deteriorated over the past few years. Where once our nation produced a robust exchange of ideas, we now see attempts to silence people of faith and those who support traditional marriage. Yet that silencing can’t erase the fact that an overwhelming majority of those who have voted on the issue—more than 51 million Americans—have cast their vote to maintain one man, one woman marriage in their states.

“As I sat in the court room and listened to both sides argue their case, I kept thinking it would be a travesty for the Supreme Court justices to ignore the views of these 51 million Americans. After all, since the Constitution is silent on the issue of marriage, it’s up to the people to decide how marriage should be defined. And it’s the people who will be impacted by this decision.

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