Jeb Bush is joining the race.

BBC News

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has pledged to fix America as he launches his bid to become the Republican nominee for president.

In a video released hours ahead of his official launch in Miami, the 62-year-old brother of ex-president George W Bush declared: "I'm ready to lead."

He also promised to protect the country's most vulnerable and remove the barriers to social mobility.

But doubts persist among conservatives in his party.

And early polling suggests that he has yet to dominate a wide field of Republican candidates.

In his latest video, entitled The Greatest Century, he strikes a very optimistic note, saying: "I see a great country on the verge of its greatest century, and I'm ready to lead."

Although his campaign becomes official on Monday, it's been no secret for many months and his team is well on the way to raising a $100m war chest.

During a tour of Europe last week, Mr Bush warned he would not waver from his core beliefs, even if some are unpopular in his party.

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