Why is John Boehner targeting the most conservative Congressman in Colorado?

Erick Erickson- Red State

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) 99% is nothing if not a team player. Having narrowly lost his first bid for the U.S. Senate, Buck ran again for the Senate in 2014. But Buck graciously stepped aside for Congressman Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) 69%and, instead, ran for a congressional seat.

He was then elected Freshman class President.

That has all come to a head now. The Republican Leadership in Congress has decided to rapidly, and without due process, strip Buck of his status as Freshman class President. The honor was given to Buck not by Leadership, but by his incoming House freshman colleagues.

Buck dared to stand up to the House Leadership on the trade promotion authority legislation. He voted against the rule. Just as Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) 87% was stripped of his subcommittee chairmanship, Buck must be stripped of his title.

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