GOP: No Longer the Party of Reagan?

If there’s anything we thought we knew about the GOP, it is that it is the party of Reagan.

Paying obeisance to Ronald Reagan — his memory, his accomplishments, his policies — has long been the price of entry to Republican presidential politics. Yet here comes Donald Trump, who gives no indication of caring or knowing the slightest about Reagan’s legacy, and he has rampaged to front-runner status in the GOP presidential race anyway.

It is like Trump set out to kick down the door of the House of Reagan and the structure teetered to the brink of collapse, more decrepit than anyone had noticed.

Trump will make occasional reference to Reagan, although all he seems to know about him is that he used to be a Democrat — just like you know who. Often when Trump mentions Reagan, he refers to him as “somewhat” conservative, apparently unaware of the Gipper’s long career as a leader of the conservative movement, defending and representing views considered outrageously right wing at the time.

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